Promagnum Web Radio Basic

  What Is Web Radio Basic?

Web Radio Basic allows a person to freely listen to high quality online music using a web browser.  This means that no software download is required to use this service.  Although Web Radio Basic is efficient for tuning in to high quality music, we highly recommend that users download Web Radio Professional to gain complete satisfaction with their web radio experience.

  Web Radio Basic Requirements

  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
  Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.0 or later


  If you don't already have Windows Media Player
      9.0 or later, you can download it here.

        Keeping you in touch with the music you love!  No matter
        where you are, or if download privileges are lacking, you
        can always count on Web Radio Basic!
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    What Does Web Radio Basic Allow Me To Do?

 Listen to over 200 hours of high quality audio with access to all available music
  Chat with other Web Radio Basic users or current Web Radio Professional users
  Randomize the play of music and skip audio tracks

  What Advantages Do I Gain From Alternatively Using Web Radio Professional?

  The ability to choose a preferred genre of music
  A feature that allows you to search radio stations for preferred music
  You can access a variety of international radio stations
  The ability to watch music videos and use a karaoke feature
  New privileges in Web Radio Chat that allow you to create and moderate chat rooms
  Create a profile for yourself that is viewable to other Web Radio users
  Play a variety of included games
  Discover featured music with the ability to play it
  The ability to customize the look and feel of your Web Radio experience
  Being able to send song requests to our staff
  Make custom playlists with your favourite music

Hopefully we have convinced you to try Web Radio Professional!  For more info,
click here.

I Still Want To Use Web Radio Basic!

If you have chosen to use Web Radio Basic, please be sure to read the terms of service below and make sure you understand them before using this service.

Web Radio Basic Terms of Use

General Terms
The Promagnum Web Radio Basic service is provided as-is with no available warranties, and is to no extent in violation of any foreign or international copyright law.  Upon use of this service, you accept that it is intended for the sole purpose of promoting the artist's work, and is not presented to influence any type of illegal recording.  Please be aware that the use of our chat service is solely your responsibility.

Content Related Terms:

At Promagnum we believe that material censorship reduces the overall appeal of material, and provides an inaccurate presentation. As a result, no promoted music on this service is obligated to become censored. If you cannot accept this condition, we encourage that you do not use this service. It is understood upon using the service that the licensee may not hold Promagnum liable for any content related discrepancy.

Click Continue to launch the service if you agree to these terms, or Cancel to return to the home page.

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