Promagnum Web Radio Professional Service Statements

Please also read the Online Terms of Service Statement that supplements all terms associated with online products and services by the Promagnum Corporation.

Web Radio Professional Privacy Statement

All personal information obtained by Promagnum is kept confidential from third-party organizations, and will not be shared in this manner unless required by law.  Upon using any version of the Web Radio service, the user must accept that the Promagnum Corporation cannot be held responsible for the result of your own personal information misuse.  This includes sharing information about yourself or your affairs over our chat service or any other method of communication we offer that will allow you to interact with various people worldwide.  By default, some information is made viewable to other Web Radio Professional registered users after creating an account, via the user profile feature.  This information includes the registrant's country of origin, age, gender, and username.  Further information can be shared with other members under the individual's own discretion and sole liability.  Any user can manage what information is shared about themselves by editing their profile.

An individual should immediately stop using the service and any other online resources offered by the Promagnum Corporation if they have an issue with our privacy policy and any of the terms outlined within it.  The Promagnum Corporation exercises the confidentiality of information with extreme due diligence in order to comply with strict federal privacy laws.  We also believe that building trust involves a continuous commitment to protect the security of our users.  Therefore, individuals are protected against any form of a confidentiality breach regarding the personal information we collect, that could result in damage to personal reputation, financial loss, or any other downward personal side-effect, aside from any legal obligations we are required to abide by under law.

How the Promagnum Corporation Uses Information

In some situations our company will require that users provide specific information about themselves to access our services.  This information is collected to ensure the functionality and quality of our services.  We record how frequently users access our services and the way they use them.  Any statistical data collected is used for internal purposes only to discover ways of improving our services.
This privacy statement is subject to change without prior notice.

Web Radio Professional Terms of Use

Every user of the Web Radio Professional service is bound by the following terms, which are fully explained in the license agreement upon installing the Web Radio Professional software.  Please make sure you are aware of each term, and adhere to all of them.  By using the Web Radio Professional service, an individual indicates that they accept all terms described in each applicable service statement and/or agreement.

Content Related Terms

At Promagnum we believe that material censorship reduces the overall appeal of material, and provides an inaccurate presentation. As a result, no promoted music on any radio station is obligated to become censored. If you cannot accept this condition, we encourage that you do not use this service. It is understood upon installing this software that the licensee may not hold Promagnum liable for any content related discrepancy. 

On the same note, all game content is experienced at the user's own discretion. The Promagnum Corporation is hereby not liable for any content-related objections in relation to the available games in Web Radio Professional.

Software & Service Related Terms

The Licensee may not distribute the Software for the sake of achieving profit, but only by allowing other individuals to use the product as-is.  The user may take advantage of all the features included, but this does not hold Promagnum liable for any errors or damages caused by the product.  The Promagnum Corporation does not guarantee the product free from errors in workmanship, so users are reminded that they need to take ownership for their choice of using the product.

The Promagnum Web Radio Professional service is provided as-is, and is to no extent in violation of any foreign or international copyright law. Upon use of this service, you accept that it is intended for the sole purpose of promoting the artist's work, and is not presented to influence any type of illegal recording. If you cannot accept these terms and obligations, do not use Web Radio.

Additionally, Promagnum is not liable for any harm caused by your behavior over the use of our chat service. The chat service is provided for users to take advantage of at their own discretion.  Users must take accountability for their own actions and behavior over our chat network.

Lastly, our staff is aware of circumstances where people can illegally record copyrighted works through malicious strategies.  We do not condone these activities nor include the ability for users to record copyrighted works.  We would like to remind our users that the illegal recording of copyrighted work is a criminal offence.  The purpose of this service is to promote music, so we ask that you use the service in such a way that would not violate any applicable laws.

The terms of use listed above are subject to change at anytime without prior notice.

Web Radio Professional Quality of Services Statement

At the Promagnum Corporation we believe that complete customer satisfaction should be the focus of our energies.  That is why we provide the necessary opportunities for customers to submit their feedback to ensure the maximum quality of all our products and services.  We guarantee that the workmanship involved with our products and services will be focused around customer needs and expectations to meet the highest level of value possible.

Important Information Regarding Online Services and Products

It has come to our attention the concerns customers have about spyware and adware used in several internet programs or services offered by other companies.  We do not facilitate the inclusion of spyware or adware of any type, with any of our products or services.  We believe that such an activity would jeopardize the rights of users to be unbothered by indecent marketing strategies.

An issue to some people involves the universal definition of adware.  In most cases, adware is additional software installed with a product that monitors what the user accesses on the internet, and then displays relative advertisements to the user by the use of pop-up windows.  Promagnum does not facilitate this activity nor does it include software with products that monitor a user's activities on the internet.  Web Radio Professional does display ad banners for its affiliates, but these are not delivered via annoying pop-ups, and are not based on user activity.  The displayed ad banners stay the same for every user.  If you would like to read more information regarding this topic, please click

This Quality of Services Statement is applicable for all our products and services.


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