Promagnum Web Radio Professional Detailed Product Overview

  What Is Web Radio Professional?

Web Radio Professional is flexible software that enables people worldwide to freely listen to the newest music available on the market before buying it.  It promotes music while providing the opportunity for people to discover what is currently on the music charts.  Multiple radio stations are accessible in several genres to satisfy individuals with multiple music preferences. The service also features a user chat so people can share their interest of music with others.  Those people who like to do other things while listening to music need to look no further.  Web Radio Professional includes several small games, the karaoke feature, and ways to discover information about artists and their music.

** Web Radio Professional is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer 9.0 and Windows Media Player 12 

  How Do I Get Web Radio?

Accessing the Web radio Professional service is quite simple.  You are required to download the software from this web site and set up an account to use the service.  To find instructions on how easy it is to download and use the software, click here now!

  What Features Are Available In Web Radio Professional?

All features of this service can be used for free with a few exceptions.  There are two ways we provide people the opportunity to use this product.  After downloading Web Radio Professional for the first time, users have 5 free trial uses of the software's full capability.  When the trial launches have all been used, the program may still be used for free, but with less features unless stream sharing is activated. Stream sharing is a feature where users stream music content to each other.  The full-featured service can continue to be used for free if at least one music file is made available for streaming to the Web Radio Professional community.  Otherwise, for a low upgrade price of just $18.95, all features are available for lifetime without any subscription.  Purchasing the full version enables a few more options, and guarantees that all future version updates will include every feature for free.  Many users choose this option to avoid the potential of increased prices or requirements to access future features.  Users who upgrade through the one-time purchase will be grandfathered into having exceptional privileges when new pricing schemes are introduced.  Please feel welcome to use the product comparison chart below to discover what features are supported either way (Purchasing all features/Stream Sharing versus using the program after 5 uses without stream sharing).

Promagnum Web Radio Professional Feature Comparison


Current Features

Web Radio Professional Full Version

Web Radio Professional after 5 Launches

  Unlimited Access Included Included
  Music Charts Included Included
  Music Library Integration Included Included
  P2P Music Stream Sharing Included Included
  User Content Community Included Included
  International Radio Stations Included Included
  User Chat Included Included
  Music Discographies Included Included
  Rate Tracks Included Included
  Problem Reporting Included Included
  Unlimited Updates Included Included
  Seamless Updates Included Included
  Music Searching Full Access Full Access
  All Station Access Included Limited Availability
  Featured Music Included Limited Availability
  Online Games Included Limited Availability
  Personal Display Picture Included Limited Availability
  Custom Playlists Included Not Available
  Music Videos Included Not Available
  Song Requests Included Not Available
  Television Networks Included Not Available
  Skin Chooser Included Not Available
  Customize Player View Included Not Available
  Karaoke Station Included Not Available
  Bookmark Stations Included Not Available

Upcoming Features

Web Radio Professional Full Upgrade

Web Radio Professional after 5 Launches

  Integrated CD Burning Included Limited Availability
  Audio File Conversion Included Not Available
  Station Recording Included Not Available
  Audio CD Ripping Included Not Available
  Karaoke Recording Included Not Available
  Music File Database Included Not Available
  Artist-Specific Stations Included Not Available
  Enhanced Player Skins Included Not Available

  How Can You Offer A Service Like Web Radio Professional?

Our company is capable of offering such a service as Web Radio Professional thanks to our sponsors and affiliates.  Our sponsors are the average users of the service who donate money to improve the service and the amount of available content.  Sponsors receive credit for their donations and priority access to the service.  We also listen to the comments of all users upon improving the service so that the quality of the service is kept at a high level.  In regards to our affiliates; they display our ad banners and we display theirs.  As well, some funding for the service comes through our users accessing services offered by our affiliates.  If you are interested in advertising with Web Radio Professional or becoming an affiliate, please click here.  Last but not least, we display the logos of record companies to remind users that the primary goal of the Web Radio Professional service is to legally promote music.  If you wish to obtain music for keeping, then please buy it!


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